Week 98 – #LightTheWorld

This week was a crazy week. I love holidays! I only wish I could have been home with my immediate family but it is okay because the extended family has us covered. I am so grateful for so many loving people in our ward!

Thanksgiving was definitely one for the books! Thanksgiving morning we woke up and played some football with members from our ward. It was super fun and intense. Funny story though, while we were playing I was playing safety for our team. I dropped back to guard the second counselor in the bishopric when he got the ball thrown to him. Or…at least I thought it was to him. A guy from a ward in Modesto went to catch it and he was going the opposite way that I was, so needless to say I accidentally leveled him. Well, he didn’t catch the ball. He got hurt a little bit but I helped him up and apologized to him. Everyone was like, “Ohhhhhhh!!!” It was super funny! Good thing we said a prayer before the game that no one would get too injured. Prayer really does work! It was a great time playing football. After we played football we went to Oakdale and helped feed homeless people Thanksgiving dinner. It has been really neat the last two Thanksgivings to be able to go and serve those who aren’t as fortunate as we are. You can really see how much they appreciate it! We then hurried over to the Langi family for our first of three dinners. They roasted a whole pig! It was super good. They also fed us LuPulu and Tero. They were all super interesting and something I have never eaten before. We hurried out and went to the Bailey’s home. They are super awesome! We had a whole bunch of different kinds of food: chow mein, hot wings, mac n cheese, curry. It was a great variety! After them we went to the Montuy family for the last dinner! We had ribs, sweet potatoes, ham, and turkey. It was a really cool experience to have so many different items for Thanksgiving. After dinner we played some cards with them to finish off the night. Thanksgiving was great!

So the new #LightTheWorld initiative came out! I love when the church does initiatives. It really helps the missionary work! We get to share it with people and help them be a better light to others. The last couple of days we have shared the video as our dinner message. I love being able to talk about it and the different ways that we can be a light to others around us. There are the 25 different ways that we can be a light to others over the 25 days! I love that we can be a light to others and I am grateful for my Savior and all of the light that He has brought into my life!

The quote for today is from Elder Holland, “Here in our mortality our perfection is still pending.” It is from Elder Holland’s last General Conference talk called “Be Ye Therefore Perfect – Eventually.” Each and every day we can do our best to live as Christ did and be perfect. But, we will always fail. The only perfect human being to walk the earth is Jesus Christ. None of us are perfect. We have to repent each day! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and His willingness to sacrifice Himself for us. I love Him so much and am so grateful for His gospel (the good news) in my life! I love you all and can’t wait to see you in 31 days!

Elder Pope

We carded the Sylvan Elders’ door!
Post Turkey Bowl picture.
Feeding the homeless.
Playing Pit with the Montuys!
It is me on the TV? Haha! We had a recent convert show us a video of me opening my mission call. It is so crazy to think that was over two years ago now! Wow, where has time gone?

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