Week 96 – Faith Always Defeats Fear

Well, it is crazy that another week has flown by! It seems just like yesterday that I sent my group email. Time goes by so fast when you are super busy!

This past week we had a great zone conference! Elder Silva and I got to give a training on loving members and ward leaders. It was great. We talked about how important it is to give TSP’s to everyone we come in contact with(TSP = Truthful Specific Positive comment). When you compliment someone or show someone they are loved it really helps them and helps you feel better about yourself. It is when we are selfless and put down our pride that we are the happiest. I have seen using TSP’s, or just letting someone know they are loved, really be beneficial in the work in this ward. As we were in our Missionary Coordination Meeting yesterday we came up with the list of families that we have reactivated this past year. We have been able to reactivate eight different families. The baptisms haven’t been as we were hoping but we have come to find out that the Lord wants us to work with the people who have gone astray. It is truly when we let people know that they are needed and are loved that they will make the effort to come to church. God loves us all. Too many people just go into a house and ask why they haven’t been going to church. Sometimes people get offended because of that. We need to love them back into activity. When they are ready to come back they will.

I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Wray this week! It was a blast being able to catch up and have some fun together. We had a super cool experience happen this week that really helped me build my testimony on God placing people in your path. We were street contacting late last Monday night in downtown Modesto. We came across a guy named Xavier and he told us he had talked with missionaries in Stockton and now he moved to Modesto. We looked at each other and said, “Xavier Webb?” He said, “Yep!” So crazy situation. When Elder Wray and I were companions we got a referral from church headquarters of a guy named Xavier Webb who was taught in Stockton and now moved to Riverbank. When we stopped by his house his mom and dad had kicked him out and didn’t know where he was at. We just left it at that and didn’t think anything of it. This one time we are on exchanges 4 months later we run into this guy in downtown Modesto? Something just isn’t right. God is a loving God. He is a God of miracles. I know that this didn’t happen just because. It really helped strengthen my testimony and I hope it helps strengthen yours. Elder Wray and his companion are now teaching him in the YSA ward!

We also had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the Oakdale Elders in our area. I got to go with Elder Schultz. He is our District Leader so we will be going on exchanges in the Oakdale 1st Ward area this week! I am looking forward to being in one of my old areas again! One thing about being a zone leader is that you go on so many exchanges with other missionaries. It is actually pretty fun!

Saturday night we got to go to a “Better Together Concert!” It was a concert that a whole bunch of different churches put on. They all came together to raise money and food for the food banks in the area and money for the disasters that have happened recently. To get into the concert you had to bring a bag of food! It was held at the Stake Center here and a bunch of people came to it. I love that there are so many wonderful people all around! Sometimes we don’t agree on religion but we can come together in other circumstances and help out the community! I love that it was able to happen like that!

The quote for today is, “Faith always defeats fear.” We need not fear but have faith. It is just plain and straightforward. Sometimes we don’t think we are good enough but if we have faith and not fear then we will be okay. God loves us and wants the best for us! Sometimes when talking with people we are nervous about not knowing what we should say. If we have faith that the Lord will put words in our mouths instead of having fear and not talking with that person we will be better off.

Elder Pope

We did service again for George. We had to wait for him so I decided to pop a squat in the wagon.
Here is a picture we took at the Bailey’s house! They are so awesome!
This is really what we do for district meeting! I love our district! #squad
Us at the Better Together Concert!

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