Week 95 – God’s Will is Key

This week was a pretty great week and a packed week!

Last Monday we had the opportunity to go and give a blessing in the hospital right by the church. It was for a brother who happened to be in mine and Elder Silva’s last ward. It was for his son, Travis, who I never met but Elder Silva has. Sunday morning he started having pain in his side so they took him to the emergency room. Come to find out that his kidney shutdown and all of his organs started shutting down. Travis is currently in a coma and not doing too well. The day before he was out riding dirt bikes and having a great time. He didn’t crash or anything like that. Out of nowhere he gets a pain and he almost died. The moral of the story is that you never know when it is the last time you will get to see a loved one. The doctors expected him to pass away last week but he is still in the ICU. But, how lucky are we to have the Plan of Salvation to know we can live with our loved ones again some day. The brother whose son we gave the blessing was so calm and knew that when his son passes that he will see him again someday. There is so much hope believing in the Savior Jesus Christ and knowing that each of us have our own plan.

Monday night was super awesome. When we were out proselyting we came across a haunted house that someone had made in front of their house. They were actually less active members so we talked with them for awhile then ended up going through the haunted house. It was one of the coolest haunted houses I have been in especially with it being homemade. They had air hoses all over the place where people could hide and scare you with the air and they even had a chainsaw guy in it. It took a total of four minutes to walk through the whole thing! We were able to sit down and talk with them around a fire they had going in their driveway. He told us he was baptized because his ex wife wanted him to be baptized and now he is inactive. It was just super awesome to be able to sit down with them and talk. People can come and walk through their haunted house for free and every time people come in they run in the back way and scare them. So we even got a turn to run in the back way and spray some people with air. It was pretty cool!

Tuesday was transfers and Halloween! We got to help put together some bikes for the new missionaries and take missionaries all over the place. It was also Elder Silva’s birthday so we had a great lunch! Transfers are always super crazy for us because we have to run missionaries all around in our zone. We had to be in by 6:00pm that night so we played cards and had some fun for Elder Silva’s birthday. Nothing too crazy!

Wednesday we had Mission Leadership Council. It was great! The spirit is always so strong in those meetings and there is always something new that you learn. Something that I learned and am working on is loving the ward leaders and members more. When you gain the trust of the members then they are more likely to give you referrals and help you with the work. Until that happens they are pretty hesitant to give you a referral for one of their best friends. I have been working on giving TSP (Truthful Specific Positive) comments to people. You can really tell a difference in the communication you have with the ward as well as them trusting you more!

We were able to help George build more of his fence. I think Elder Silva and I are getting pretty good at building fences now. We have helped George for a while now and are about done with his fence. Not sure the next person we are going to build a fence for but we are ready to start again. Haha! I guess you could say we take pride in our work building fences. I will send you a picture of the final masterpiece when we are done with George’s fence.

The quote for today is from Dallin H. Oaks. It says, “Choose the Lord’s way instead of the World’s way.” Too many times we get caught up in the things of the world. Yes, worldly things are great and can give us temporal happiness. Godly things are even better and can give us everlasting happiness. I love this work, I love God, and I know that He truly blesses us if we will always focus on Him. It is God’s will and not our will.

Elder Pope

George’s fence is coming in nice!
Once a year it looks like it snows here. There is a bunch of white stuff that falls off of the trees and it reminds me of snow.

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