Week 94 – Happy Halloween!

Well, we got our transfer calls last night…I am staying with Elder Silva in the Riverbank Ward! It is so crazy. I would have never guessed I was staying. It is going to be another great transfer! I love it here in the Riverbank Ward. People are so nice and the members here are great. We just need to help them do better at missionary work, that is all!

So the last two days have been pretty wild. On Saturday we stayed in the whole day until the ward Halloween party because Elder Silva was pretty sick. I forced him into going to the Halloween party so we wouldn’t have to be bored out of our minds the entire day. We weren’t bored because we had our scriptures to read but that can only go on for so long! The ward Halloween party was super awesome! We both wore black ties, black pants, and black shoes. We were going as men in black because that is the most we could possibly dress up as. During the trunk or treat we sat at Brother Hetzler’s trailer. He had a whole bunch of mannequins dressed as clowns in his trailer and outside it. Towards the end of the night I got dressed as one of the clowns and stood there as if I were a mannequin. We got some pretty good laughs and scares out of it all! On Sunday we stayed in until church at 1:00pm. We just went to sacrament meeting and then headed back home to rest. Not going to lie. Staying in your apartment as missionaries is really terrible! You don’t have hardly anything to do. The great news about it all is Elder Silva is getting better today!

We had a couple of great lessons this week with less active or part member families. I love being a missionary because you get to talk with so many people. I have found that it is more effective when we talk with people if we spark a conversation about something not gospel related. So many people are caught off guard when we ask them about the Giants or the Raiders. It really helps them open up to you which is a great segue into what our purpose is! Some of the time they aren’t interested in our message but they now know that we are normal people just like them. Yes, we represent the Savior but we can talk about other things besides the gospel to start up a conversation.

The quote for today is from Neil F. Marriott, “Heavenly Father will help us love even those we may think are unlovable.” We need to love all of our brothers and sisters. There are so many people that we may think are “unlovable.” We are in a rush to go and give a blessing. I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Pope

Everybody put December 31st at 1:00pm on your calendars. That is when my welcome home will be! Make sure to put it on your calendars! Below is the address to the church building:

Alpine Stake Center
98 East Canyon Crest Road
Alpine, UT 84004


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