Week 75 – Happy Late Father’s Day!

What is happening family and friends!?! This week was a pretty great week! Well, other than the fact that was above 100 degrees the last couple of days and it is supposed to get to 115 this week! Haha yeah, it was a hot one and it going to get worse. Elder Wray and I found out last night that we will both be staying here in the Riverbank Ward together. I love Elder Wray! It is such a good time to be with him and I am excited to spend another six weeks with him!

I want to wish my father a Happy Fathers Day! I am so grateful for him and all the wonderful things that he does for me and for my family! I am so grateful for his Priesthood leadership and being such a great example to me! Someday I hope to be just like my dad!

This week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Beus. It was so great to be with him again! We had a blast, like always, bringing back the good old days. We were able to help one of our members move out. She is moving to Turlock and we are super sad about it! Her name is Juliana and she is my homie! I hate getting to know people so well and then we get moved. In this case, it was just the opposite. She got moved. She is going back to my old stomping grounds in Turlock so that is okay!

We have been teaching a few part member families. It is going great. We are hoping that some great things will happen with them this transfer. We have an investigator named Yamil. His whole family are members but he isn’t one yet! YET, of course! He has been coming to church each week and playing basketball with us. He is great and has so much potential! We are also teaching a family called the Baileys. The dad and two kids aren’t members. We are teaching them and it is going great!

The scripture for this week is John 3:16-17. This is a pretty familiar scripture to a lot of people but I just feel like sharing it. I love this scripture and how it defines God’s love for us. He is a loving God who wants the best for each and every one of us! He is my Father in Heaven. Yesterday made me think of all the things that He has truly blessed me with. I am so grateful for the many blessings He gives! He is truly amazing!

Elder Pope

This is a picture of the Leadership Council we had when Elder Clayton was here visiting a few weeks back.
Elder Beus and I mobbin’ around Riverbank. It was a great time!
This is my homie Juliana. She is super awesome and has such a great testimony. She has a First Vision tattoo that is super awesome!
So, I caught a baby duck! Too bad missionaries can’t have pets or else we would have kept it. It was a cute little guy!
Elder Wray, Elder Wade, Elder Jarvis, and I. We ball out!


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