Week 74 – Jordi’s Baptism

Well, this week was a fantastic week! Today Elder Wray and I drove up to Sonora to spend the day with the missionaries up there. Elder Beus is up there and a couple others that are also awesome!

Jordi was baptized this week and it was so amazing! Jordi is such an amazing young man who has such a strong desire to do great things. I love seeing someone come unto the waters of baptism! Elder Wray was able to baptize him and I had the opportunity to confirm him yesterday and to bestow upon him the Holy Ghost.

Elder Wray and I both had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting yesterday. Elder Wray gave his talk first on kindness. It was great! Then I was able to give my talk on strengthening families. It was super awesome! It was based off of a talk given by Elder Hales from the 1999 April General Conference. I absolutely loved reading it and talking about it! One thing that I really took away from the talk is that family time is the best! Just being together as families is what truly helps you grow closer. I love my family and am grateful for all the wonderful adventures we were able to go on…and will continue to go on when I get home, right!?! It was also super awesome because President and Sister Palmer both came to our Sacrament meeting. It was kinda scary but it was super awesome. They are so wonderful! They gave talks in the morning at a Stake Conference then rushed over to our ward so they could hear us talk. They are such wonderful people! Just so you all know, I have the best Mission President and wife ever! They are amazing!

We had the opportunity to have President’s interviews this week. Elder Wray and I got to stay there the whole time and help direct everyone with where they needed to go. It was pretty fun getting to see everyone in the zone!

We also went on exchanges with our District Leaders. I went with Elder Sirstins and he is awesome! We were able to visit a few people but did not teach any lessons. We had such a fun time with each other. That night we had a nerf war with Elder Holt and Elder Wray. We had such a great time getting to know them.

We also went to Big Trees on Monday! It was so much fun! I want to share an experience we had. There were six missionaries all together. We went on the short one mile hike and we were taking pictures and such when we decided that there was a five mile hike we wanted to do. The five mile hike was to some of the biggest trees in the park. It was two and a half miles in and two and a half miles out. And…we only had an hour to do it before we had to return. We jogged most of the way in and saw all of the trees. It took us about thirty minutes in and we had to take a break before we came back out, so we decided to take a short cut back. There was a road that we thought would take us back faster. Well, we got going for about a mile and decided it wasn’t going the right way back to the car. We had seen a trail a little ways back down off of the road. It seemed like it was the one we were trying to get on. We all decided to go down to the trail. When we got on it, we had no idea which way to go. They both seemed to go the right way. We decided that we should pray. We said a prayer and all felt prompted to go down one way. It was amazing because it took us to where we wanted to go.

The scripture for this week is James 1:5-6. We need to always turn to our Heavenly Father in prayer. He can help us in all that we do. I love getting to pray and feel prompted to do something. I love being a member of this church and having the Holy Ghost with me all the time, as long as I live worthy of it!

Elder Pope

Picture on the tree, just like last time! BIG TREES!
Jordi’s baptism!
We had lunch today at a famous restaurant. This is a burger from Squeeze Burger. Guy Ferarri did a TV show here. The burger was super good but I feel like I am going to die!
Elder Brough and I chillin’ in the back seat!


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