Week 69 – Golfing is Great!

Well, we got our transfer calls last night and I am being transferred…I am going to the Riverbank Ward and am a Zone Leader in the Modesto North Zone! My new companion’s name is Elder Wray and I am super excited! It will be a change but I have been here in Manteca for 6 months now. It is bitter sweet. I will definitely miss my companion Elder Silva but this is what the Lord wants.

So, it has been super hot this past week. One day it got up to 101 degrees here! Let’s just say that I am not ready for summer. It is still supposed to be spring. On the bright side, I will now have a car. This is the first time on my mission that I have had a car, so that is pretty exciting! We had to deliver some papers to the Ripon Sisters (a good five miles away) and decided to bike there since we couldn’t find anyone to give us a ride. Needless to say, it was 96 degrees outside when we biked there and then turned around and biked back. We said we probably won’t be doing that again. Haha!

This week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with one of the zone leaders. I went with Elder Chambers in the Lathrop Ward. It was so awesome and I was able to learn so much from it! I love exchanges with other missionaries and seeing the different ways that they do things. It is so awesome to see such a variety and to see what works the best and what doesn’t work so well. Missionary work is not easy. When I first came out on my mission it was so easy to prepare people for baptism, but as time goes on it just seems to be getting harder and harder. I know that we can all do hard things if we will rely on the Lord and seek out His guidance.

Sorry for the short letter. I am all out of time. Didn’t have a whole lot of time to email today. We just got done golfing with a less active member and have dinner soon. The scripture for this week is Alma 32. I really love this whole chapter, mainly because it talks about faith. We need faith in all that we do. We all have that seed of faith in us; it just depends on how much we nourish it and help it grow to be big and strong. Or, we can just not nourish it and do things that we are not supposed to do and it will incinerate. I promise that if you will continue to be diligent in reading your scriptures, praying, and going to church then your faith will grow immensely and you will be blessed because of it! I also want to talk about a wonderful and powerful video that we found this week. It is called “The Infinite Power of Hope” by Elder Uchtdorf. It is a short Mormon Message that teaches us so much about hope. In some ways I like to compare hope and faith. They are both super awesome and we need to have both of them! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Pope

Elder Silva and I enjoying this beautiful weather by going golfing today. It was super funny wearing my Durant jersey on the course. Everyone kept yelling, “I love your jersey, man! They are totally going to win tonight!” It was super funny!
This is Brother Cortez’s granddaughter, Abby. We have the same birthday so she really likes me. It is pretty great!


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