Week 67 – Eternal Life is Key

Hey! This week was a pretty good week! I hope you all had a wonderful week! It was pretty warm and cold at night.

It is super crazy because we have been working with lots of less active members recently. We have been struggling finding investigators but working with less actives is going really well. It really seems like the hardest thing is finding people to teach here in California. There are so many people but none of them are willing to listen to our message. One thing that I have really learned about on my mission so far is PRIDE. It is the root of all evil. It seems like people are too prideful here in California to listen to our message. They all think that they are good but really they are not. I love the people here and know what is on the line for them. Eternal life is what we are striving for!

We played frisbee golf and then a card game called “Save your A$$ets” with some of our less actives this last week. It was a ton of fun! They really enjoy us coming over and sharing a message. They committed to come to church yesterday but didn’t show up, so we were pretty sad about that! We just picked up a new part member family! We were able to share a message with the family. Two of the kids are active and come with their grandparents to church but the mom and a few of the other kids are less active. The dad isn’t a member YET! We have another time to meet with them this next week and are super excited about it. They are a Polynesian family, the Sovatabuas, and want to have us over for dinner sometime too, which is super awesome. I don’t know what it is but we are good at finding Polynesian families to teach but no one else. And, I am sure a lot of you have seen the pictures from the Robbins’ house with the lizard on my shoulder. The Robbins’ are a super awesome family in our ward! We love going over to their house and having dinner with them. There is never a dull moment.

So we have been trying to teach our investigator, James, lately but haven’t been able to meet with them. We just found out that his wife is pregnant so that is super exciting! It is going to be so awesome for them! They are so awesome. Also, our investigator, Marianne, is in the hospital right now. She has some crazy disease that if she had not gone in when she did she would have died. Please keep her in your prayers!

It is super crazy because when I left on my mission I didn’t have allergies. Well, now that I am in the central valley I have allergies. I now know what all of you were going through. Having allergies is the worst! They said it is worse this year than it has ever been. For all of you who don’t know, the central valley is where they grow tons of stuff. They say that if you don’t have allergies and you come to the central valley that you will get them. Well, lucky me, I got them!

The scripture for this week is Moses 1:39. I love this scripture so much! It is a constant reminder that our Heavenly Father wants the best for us! He knows our potential and all the wonderful things that we can do on the earth. Everyone here will receive immortality but not everyone will receive eternal life. We need to be doing the best that we can in everything we do to strive to attain eternal life. Jesus Christ made it possible for that to happen!

Elder Pope

We went to IHOP with all of the other missionaries for dinner this week. It was pretty fun! The redhead is Elder Whitlock and his companion, Elder Hayden, is sitting next to him.
Our new duck friend!


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