Week 64 – #PRINCEofPEACE & Conference

So this week we had the wonderful privilege to listen to our wonderful prophet and apostles! I love listening to conference and hearing what they have to say. I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful talks that were given. I hope you all are also enjoying this heat. Well, I am not sure how hot Utah really is but it is in the 80’s here and pretty hot!

It is super crazy because my district is totally different! Elder Whittlock and Elder Hayden replaced Elder Schultz and Elder Perry. They are both great missionaries and super dedicated to the work, which is awesome. I also got a new sister named Sister Price. She is super awesome but a little too quiet so I guess we will have to break her of that. Haha! Elder Whittlock is from Ten Sleep, Wyoming and Elder Hayden is from South Jordan, Utah. It is going to be an awesome transfer with them all!

We had the opportunity to have a specialized training this last Thursday instead of our usual district meeting. We got to watch the new #PRINCEofPEACE video and talk about ways that we can implement it into our missionary lives. I absolutely love this wonderful video. For those of you who haven’t seen the video, I challenge you to go and watch it. It truly made me think how much Jesus Christ had to go through and how he is such a wonderful example to me and you. He is the King of Kings. For our dinner messages we have been sharing this with the families and talking about it. The one question that usually comes up is, “How have you found peace in Jesus Christ?” One way that I have found peace in Jesus Christ is to know that I can live with my loved ones again and to know that we will be resurrected just like He was! I love my Savior and how much peace He has brought to my life. I want you to think of all the ways that Jesus has blessed your life. Another great idea is for family night tonight, or even next week, watch this video and come up with all the ways that Jesus Christ has truly brought peace to your life!

There were so many wonderful talks given at General Conference. One of the many things that I really loved was by President Monson. The Book of Mormon is such an amazing book. I know that if we are having struggles with anything or not, we should always read the Book of Mormon. It truly will keep our thoughts and actions on a higher note. I also loved what President Uchtdorf said in his talk – to not look anywhere but up. Sometimes we will have hard times but we always just need to look up. Look at the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes the tunnel may be longer then what you think it should be, but it is God’s will and not ours! Something else I learned from Conference was to follow the spirit the FIRST time it prompts you. Elder Ronald A. Rasband said, “If you listen to the first prompting, you will get it 9/10.” Always follow the spirit when it prompts you. Sometimes we get nervous that it is just our own thoughts. Yes, sometimes it is but most of the time it is the spirit telling you to do something!

Sometimes we may want something to be different then it really is. We want it to be our will and not God’s will. This week I had a really big testimony builder of that. We were invited by one of our members, Brother Jones, to give his mother a blessing. Just remember that she is 101 years old and in the hospital. Elder Silva anointed her and I had the opportunity to seal the anointing and give her a priesthood blessing. Brother Jones really wants his mom to get better and be healed. I mean, if that was our mother that is what we would all want too. It is hard to lose a loved one. As we all know, the spirit directs the blessings and speaks through you. I wanted to say that all would be okay but that wasn’t the case. The spirit directed me to just say that she will be at peace. The blessing was all about peace. After the blessing was over, Brother Jones noted it was about peace and that she would know how much her Heavenly Father truly loves her. We talked about it and knowing that it truly is God’s will. She is still with us today and doing a little better but he said it truly brought peace into his life. If that is God’s will then that is what is supposed to be.

This week in Manteca they were having a carnival at the southern part of Manteca and a street fair in the middle of Manteca with the whole road shut down. So what did we do as missionaries? We went and contacted people. Yes, it was super awesome and lots of fun! We were able to talk with lots of people and give out lots of pass along cards! I love going to activities like that. It is also super funny because everyone looks at you super weird. As a missionary, people are always watching so it is important that we always act the best! We ran into the people who we helped do “Stuff the Bus” and they invited us to their next service project that they will be doing! It is so awesome that people are placed in your path the way they are. Some times people are super rude to you and the next day they are super nice to you. The Lord prepared people and places them in our paths. I love how it works!

The scripture for this week is Alma 30:44. Recently we have been running into a lot of Atheists and people who don’t believe in God. It really makes us sad that these wonderful sons and daughters of God are dwindling in unbelief. I love what it says, look around us. There is so much here that wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for God. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for God. I want to testify that I know God is real. I know that we can pray to him and ask him if he is real. I think I may have said it in my email last week but again, if any of you are struggling with your faith watch “The Hope of God’s Light.” It is a really powerful Mormon Message. I feel each and every one of your prayers each and every day! Thank you for all the support that you give to me!

Elder Pope

Here is a picture of Elder Silva and I with our snazzy blazers that might be a little too small…haha! A lot of missionaries left a lot of their clothes when they left so we decided to try on some of the blazers. They look good, huh?
Tracting at the street fair went really awesome until we found the cars. Hehe! Here are two of my dream cars. Corvette Z06 and a Challenger HELLCAT!
Us and the Spanish Elders tracting at the carnival. It was pretty intense! I love carnivals!


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