Week 61 – The Prodigal Son

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful week and are excited for this upcoming week! Where do I start off for this week? Well, the high this last week was 85 degrees. So yeah, it is going to be a hot and miserable summer here but that is okay! It will be fun like always. It is super crazy because a week or two ago it was pretty cold and two days ago it was 85? I don’t think that is normal but whatever!

Another crazy thing that happened this week was our phone breaking, so we went a whole day without a phone. I don’t know how the people in the olden days lived without a cell phone. Yeah, it was pretty hard giving up a smart phone to come out here, but at least we still have a phone to communicate with people. The day that we went without a phone we felt like lost dogs. We had no way of calling anyone and no way of getting calls. We eventually got a new phone from the Zone Leaders and a whole bunch of texts just started coming up along with a bunch of missed calls. That wasn’t fun but we got everything situated and now it is going great! Don’t ask how our phone broke because I am not telling!

This week I had the chance to go on exchanges with Elder Schultz! It was a fun exchange and a great teaching opportunity! We were able to learn so much from one another. It is so great to have such a wonderful district. We were able to visit with a less active family and some prospective elders. We have really been focusing on the prospective elders. It is crazy because a bunch of the time the person has moved out of the ward and their records haven’t been moved. We just met with a part member family last night. We talked with them outside for a little bit and it went well. They told us we could come back but to not try and convert her husband because he has already taken the lessons and said, “No.” We will see about that!

We had the opportunity to do some service. We helped at Second Harvest Food Bank on Tuesday and that was pretty fun! This week they had us throwing out all of the old stuff. It got pretty gross but it was a lot of fun! We have been able to meet so many new people while offering service and it is just such a blast. This week we also helped the Wynns move out. The Wynns are such an awesome family! They are moving to the ward next to ours so hopefully my next area is that ward! While we were waiting we may or may not have had a nerf war. It was pretty fun!

Our Zone had a Zone Training this week. It was on all of the parables. We got to chose a parable and study it then come to the meeting and share it. I chose the parable of the “Prodigal Son.” This has become one of my favorite parables while I have been on my mission. There is so much in this parable. The biggest thing that stands out to me is that repentance is real. The second thing that I love about this is that when the prodigal son has decided to come back home, the dad runs out to him and hugs him to bring him back. As members of the church, there are many people who have strayed from the gospel and we need to run out and meet them. We need to help bring them back to the fold. And, even those who have not yet accepted the gospel, we need to bring it unto them. We can’t bring it into them but we can bring it unto them. The third main part is to not be selfish or prideful. The brother is mad that he has not been able to have a big party and he has always been with their dad. We need to be selfless and look for opportunities to serve others!

This week in my studies I decided to read the Children’s Book of Mormon. I know that I have looked at it before but never read it all the way through. It was so awesome to be able to read and look at the pictures. I am a visual person so for all of you who are visual people I recommend you read the Children’s Book of Mormon and then the Book of Mormon. It really just made so much sense to look at the pictures then imagine it in my mind! The scripture for this week is 1 Nephi 8 where it talks about Lehi’s dream of the Tree of Life. It talks about the three different groups of people. The first group falls away pretty quickly and doesn’t even make it close to the tree. The second group is almost to the tree but they are in the mist of darkness and fall away. The third group, on the other hand, pressed forward clinging to the iron rod and eventually made it to the tree and were able to partake of the fruit of the tree. Let us go about clinging to the iron rod and stay steadfast in our work here on the earth. It is an important job that we have, so let’s make it count! I love you all and am so grateful for the wonderful examples that you are to me!

Elder Pope

Here is our zone picture! I can’t believe they talked me into putting my leg like that in the front. It looks super weird, not going to lie! Haha!
Yeah, we fit in with everyone else that is here but our guns aren’t real! #YOLO
Doing service for the Wynns and having a little nerf war.
We had dinner at Red Robin and got the endless fries. Lets just say that four missionaries eating endless fries is not good. Our waiter just kept bringing us fries and it was so funny! We about ate them all out of fries.
After dinner we stopped by the pond. I found a crawdad, so of course I had to pick it up and take a picture with it. You don’t see these everyday!
It is pretty nice when members love you so much that they call and ask if you want shakes from In-n-Out. Heck yeah! We aren’t going to turn down shakes!


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