Week 59 – Cali Kool

I first want to start off by wishing my sister, Kandace, a Happy Birthday! Even though her birthday was last week, it is never too late to wish someone a Happy Birthday! She is so awesome and always willing to help out anyone that is in need!

So this week was a pretty awesome week! We were able to teach a few lessons! It rained like crazy this week. We walked around a lot because we didn’t want to ride our bikes. It is a lot better walking with umbrellas then biking with just a rain coat. When we walk it is so much easier to talk with people. They won’t just keep walking and ignoring us. But, if they do it is pretty funny because we turn on a heel and start walking with them. It has worked a few times and it is super funny!

On Monday we played sports and went to the Sams’ for dinner. They are a super awesome family. While we were at dinner they all got alerts on their phones that a levee had just broken. Then a whole bunch of different members called us and asked where we were. I guess the levee and flooding wasn’t that far away from our apartment. We got the members to take us to where it was flooding to show us. There were a bunch of fields that were flooded. A bunch of people got evacuated in the area but the evacuation line was just the road over from our road.

Right now in the Manteca/Modesto area all of the almond trees are starting to bloom. I should have taken a picture of them but I didn’t so sorry. It is super cool to see a whole bunch of white on the trees. It almost looks like it is a bunch of snow. Also, when all of the blossoms fall off of the trees it looks like it snowed here! I will take pictures of it this week and send them. They should be falling off soon and it is super pretty!

This week we went on exchanges with the zone leaders. It is super crazy now how we do exchanges. Starting this transfer we all go to their area and all four missionaries sleep in their apartment. It was super interesting to go with them. We only visited a few less active members. It poured a lot when we went on exchanges and we ended up walking like ten miles that day. It was super crazy and I was super excited to go to bed. Walking in the rain really sucks but it is better than biking in the rain.

We taught James and Marianne this week. Both of our lessons went really well. We taught James about Faith and we taught Marianne more about the Book of Mormon. We had another lesson with a family but it didn’t go too well. They ended up just trying to Bible bash with us and trying to teach us more than having us teach them. It seems like a bunch of people that we come in contact with really just want to Bible bash with us but it is never a good thing to engage in.

So the scripture for this week is from Acts 8:15-17. I really love this scripture from the Bible. I am so grateful that after we are baptized by the proper priesthood authority that we can receive the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful that I was able to receive the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is our constant companion who can help lead and direct us. If we live worthy of the Holy Ghost, he will help us in so many ways. I am grateful for this gospel and all of the wonderful things that come with it.

Elder Pope

Sorry! I only have two pictures from this week. It was hard to take pictures because it rained and my camera died so I had to charge it one day. But, we visited one of our former investigators with the other missionaries after a meeting. His name is Paul. He is super awesome but sadly, usually drunk. He told me I am his favorite missionary he has ever met. It was a compliment but I’m not sure if he really meant it because he wasn’t fully there!
This is a picture we took when we had lunch at our apartment. Elder Schultz and Elder Silva are in the back!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


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