Week 58 – Happy President’s Day!

This week was a pretty awesome week! Today is President’s Day and it feels like any other day. On a mission the holidays don’t seem to be to holiday-ish! I love serving here and love it here! So for all of you who don’t know, I got a new companion this last week. His name is Elder Silva. He is super awesome! I am so excited to be his companion. I really miss Elder Beus but I know that there are people up in Sonora that need him. Elder Silva is a convert of two years now. He was baptized in May of 2015 and has a super strong testimony.

We were able to visit a few people and get Elder Silva used to the area. We visited a few investigators and a few members. Below I’ve included a picture of one of our super funny investigators. His name is Joseph and he loves us coming over, praying with him, and having a “Bible study.” It is so much fun.

We had a zone dinner this week! It was super awesome. It was so fun to see everyone in the zone. It is pretty funny because my companion, Elder Silva, has an prior companion, Elder Manly, who is now companions with my prior companion, Elder Powell. We will see how they like each other!

We have been trying to share Mormon Messages for our dinner message lately and committing them to share it on some sort of social media. We had dinner with a part member family and a less active family this week. We were able to share the Mormon Message, “The Will of God.” It is one of my favorite Mormon Messages. It really hits me hard. It seems like lately a lot of people I know are going through tough challenges and it always comforts me to watch it. God knows everything and everything happens for a reason. The two families that we shared it with this week were both in tears after watching it. It truly is amazing. Life isn’t easy but it is a time to prepare to meet God. He loves us and wants the best for us. I love my Father in Heaven and am grateful for all that He has done for me!

The Spanish sisters in the area are super funny! We always like to joke around with them. We did service with them and the other Elders on Friday at the Methodist Church. After service they took our bags so we couldn’t go out visiting people. We went to their car and got them back. They asked us why one of their dashboard lights was on so we told them they were out of blinker fluid. It was super funny because we told them their car was going to blow up if they drove it a few more days without blinker fluid. After awhile we told them we were joking but it was so funny because they were freaking out! Service was super fun but it rained the whole time. Thank goodness we were under canopies!

After service at the Methodist Church we were biking back and it was raining super hard. We bike past a few billboards and a few of them had fallen off. We saw one that was falling off into the road so we decided to grab it so it wouldn’t hit a car and cause a car accident. Well, we ended up bringing it home and putting it up in our apartment. It takes up three walls.

Elder Pope

This is a picture of the zone. I am in the far right top corner if you can see me!
Here is a picture of Elder Silva and I together! This picture was taken today like five minutes ago so hi!
Here is the picture of our potential investigator, Joseph. He is super awesome!
This is all four of the missionaries in the ward plus a kid from our ward. His name is Jeff and he just got his mission call last night to the Philippines Urdaneta Mission! He is going to kill it out there!
All of my Utah homies! It is going to be a party when we all get home!
Elder Silva and I got all dressed up. Plus, the sign that we picked up from off the road in the background. It is a pretty funny sign too.


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