Week 52 – Happy Hump Day!

This week was a great week! We were supposed to receive a ton of rain these past few days and it was going to be the storm of the century…Well, guess what? It hasn’t rained but a few drops so far. I guess over these next few days we will see! We helped a lot of people put up sand bags this week. The city was giving away free sand bags so we got some good service hours in this week. I am sorry that I didn’t take any pictures of us putting them up!

This week Elder Beus and I were in a part of our area that I had never been to before. For some reason, we decided that it would be a good idea to visit a few people up there. It is a small area with hardly any opportunities for missionary work. As we were biking around, we stopped to decide on where to go next. There was a guy across the street watching us for a few minutes. After awhile he walked over and started talking with us. He eventually told us that he is a member and hasn’t been to church in about four years. He said that for their new year’s goal, he and his wife wanted to start coming back to church! It was not a coincidence that we happened to run into him. We have an appointment tomorrow with them and we are super exited to visit them!

We had dinner with the Dyrdas again this week. They are a super awesome part-member family. They took us to a super awesome Mexican restaurant! We have been visiting a bunch of prospective elders and part-member families. The ward is very awesome and has really been trying to help us as much as possible. We have been meeting with members each night and teaching them a lesson. We are trying really hard and encouraging them to go and do missionary work.

This week we had Stake Conference! We had Elder Weatherford T. Clayton from the seventy come and speak to us. It was really awesome to hear from him and learn from all of the wonderful stories he told. When he was speaking at the adult session on Saturday night, he had all of the full time missionaries in the Stake come up. We sang “Called to Serve” and we recited the first vision. It was super neat. He also asked a few of the missionaries where we were from and I was one of them. I told him, “Alpine, Utah” and he said Alpine is a great place. After the meeting a guy walked up to me and told me that he too is from Alpine. His name is Toby Goeckeritz. He is the triplets uncle! It was way cool. My mom also taught him in school. What a small world, I guess! Back to the point, Elder Clayton talked a lot about being a good neighbor to everyone around us. He quoted Alma 37:6-7 quite a bit. We need to be doing the small and simple things for the people all around us. It is a great way of doing missionary work and it is easy! He was super straight to the point about things too! He is a super awesome guy!

Not a whole lot else happened this week! Hopefully we don’t die in this crazy flooding that hasn’t happened yet but is supposed to! I love you all so much and am grateful for all of your prayers. I feel each and every one of your prayers each and every day. If it weren’t for my Savior I wouldn’t be here! I love Him and am grateful for Him. He loves each and every one of us. Always remember that and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Elder Beus and I didn’t take any pictures throughout the week this week, so last night we had some fun taking pictures. So here are a few awesome pictures that we took last night so we would have pictures to send home today!

Elder Pope

Get it?
Guess who has the coolest apartment in the mission…WE DO!!!
When you are still feeling the Christmas spirit!


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