Week 43 – Unity is Key

This week was a pretty cool week! I can’t believe that I have been on my mission for ten months already! It is super crazy how fast time flies.

Halloween was awesome! We went to a super awesome member’s house for dinner! We then went to a less active member’s house and played games with them. It was super fun to play games. I taught everyone how to play SCUM and of course I was the king, just like every time. They couldn’t figure out the game until the last hand and they got super mad!

We had the opportunity to do a few service projects this week. The first project that we did was helping at Community Sharing. It is so fun to be able to help there each and every week. It is a great way to talk to people who are picking up food and help them. The second service project that we did was cutting down more trees. Here in the Central Valley there are lots of orchards and different kinds of farming(If you haven’t noticed from all of the pictures and service we do). A bunch of the members here own almond farms and walnut orchards. It is so awesome to be able to do service!

This week the Tangle family is supposed to be baptized! We are meeting with them tonight and having family night with them! They are really awesome people and are ready to be baptized. They have been investigating the church now for a while and it is time for them to become members. We have also been teaching another part member family! We are teaching their foster kids and it is going really well. We went to their house last night and are starting to do family home evenings with them on Sunday nights.

We got the new Ensign this week! I have been reading it and it is great. The two talks that I really love from it are Elder Dallin H. Oaks’ on “Sharing the Restored Gospel.” The other was “A Witness of God” by Elder Neil L. Anderson. Both of their talks are on sharing the gospel. The one thing that stood out to me in both of the talks was to just pray for the faith to share the gospel. Pray for strength to talk about this wonderful gospel with everyone. A member in our ward got up yesterday during fast and testimony meeting and bore his testimony. He also talked about how important it is that we share our testimonies with everyone. When we share our testimonies it helps strengthen others’ testimonies and it also helps strengthen your own testimony. I challenge each one of you to share your testimony with someone this week. It doesn’t matter who it is but just share it with someone. You never know what that person might be going through and by sharing your testimony you might help them out in a way that you would never have known.

This week we had a zone training. Every month we get together as a zone and have a zone training. Well, Elder Powell and I had the opportunity to do a training on “Unity.” It was a really great training. The zone leaders told us they thought we were the most united in our zone! It made us happy. Being united as a companionship, as well as being united with our Savior is very important. The definition of “unity” is, “the state of being united or joined as a whole.” We need to be one with our Savior and our companions. Our mission vision is, “We are one with the Savior in doing the will of the Father.” Just like with your wife or husband, we have to be united. If we are not united with each other, we will struggle. When we do get united, all will go well. Unity is the key to success!

I love you all so much. Keep up the good work and share the gospel with everyone! The gospel brings such great joy to so many people and there are people who don’t have that joy yet. Give them the opportunity to accept that joy and how wonderful this gospel truly is!

Elder Pope

Helping cut down more trees and clean up a member’s orchard!
Dinner after service. Wayne and Belinda are the coolest people ever!
Picture from zone training! I got a few Elders and Sisters to look but that is all! This zone is super fun and I love all of them!
Horacio has a cowboy hat and it is way too small for me. I will get a cowboy hat later – one that actually fits.
Here is a mustache that Horacio gave me. I think I am going to grow one when I get home and dye it black!
I got a nice new pair of glasses. How do you like them?


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