Week 40 – Pride Comes Before The Fall

Just having a grand old time here in the mission field! Teaching repentance and baptizing converts like no big deal. I love the mission field!

This week we were able to do a few service projects! The first service project we did was help a less active member cut off two big branches from an almond tree and then cut them up into smaller pieces for their fireplace. It was pretty fun and always great to help out in any way possible. We also helped an investigator in the Oakdale 3rd Ward move about 200 bails of hay. That was pretty fun but let’s just say I slept really well that night. President and Sister Palmer were there along with the assistants because it was a pretty big project. We got to move it from a big stack into a barn. It was pretty fun!

This week we had five member-present lessons. We were able to stop by the Eckstein’s twice this last week and share messages with their foster kids and they were great! We have another appointment with them on Thursday so we are super excited for that. We are still teaching the Tangles and they are still on date to be baptized! Our new investigator, Jasmine, came to church again yesterday and we were able to teach her during the second hour of church, which was great. She is great and we are excited about her!

Big shout out to my friend Gunner Miller for getting called to the California Modesto Mission! Best mission ever and no one can tell me different. He is going to love it out here!

This week, while reading in Preach My Gospel, I read a quote I believe is from Dallin H. Oaks. He talked about how, as missionaries, we need to keep our lines in the water for as long as we can. He said, “some fisherman are away from their homes for twelve hours and have their lines in the water for ten hours. Other fisherman have their lines in the water for only two hours.” As missionaries, we need to have our lines in the water from the time that we step outside of our apartment. We need to be able to teach people any time and every time an opportunity arises. This is also true for all members of the church. We need to always be able to share the gospel with anybody and everybody when we have the opportunity to share it.

The scripture for this week is Proverbs 15:33 it says, “The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility.” We need to always stay humble in all that we do. Pride is of the devil. We just need to stay humble, obedient, diligent and follow the counsel of the prophet. I know Thomas S. Monson is the prophet that lives on the earth today. He receives revelation for us from God. He is God’s mouth piece. I love you all so much and am happy for all you do for me!

Elder Pope

Riding the mower while doing service!
We were almost done with our service project moving hay when it started pouring. So, I thought I would take a picture because it was pretty fun!
The whole crew after moving hay. Only a few were paying attention when I took the picture but President Palmer is the guy in white in the back.
This is the beast of a burger that we had after the service project. The restaurant is called Hulas and it is a great place to eat! I would recommend it to anyone!


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