Week 39 – 9 Months? Crazy!

Well, I am staying in Oakdale this transfer! I am still with Elder Powell and we are both super excited to spend another transfer here! The other two Elders in the Oakdale 3rd Ward are both staying too! We are super happy. It is going to be another great transfer.

We just got a referral from a member who lives in Washington. We contacted the referral and were able to share a message with her. She is going through a hard time with her family and she was so happy to see us. We invited her to church this week and she showed up right before the meeting started! She loved it and met a lot of new friends! Right before she left to go home she told us she would be back next week since she loved it so much. She seems pretty promising! Her name is Jasmine. She is super awesome! We still have the Tangles on date to be baptized on November 3rd so we will be here to see them get baptized! All of our investigators are doing good but the Tangles are the most promising. We have dinner tonight with a family in our ward that has four non-members living with them!

We have an investigator named Ceaser who we can only meet with about once every three or four weeks because he works so much. When he is free he loves to talk with us! We talked about prayer and about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. The lesson went really well. We talked about how we need to pray all the time and not only once every two or three days. I made an analogy that I had heard. It is just like how a father wants to talk with his children and ask how their day went. God is the same way. He wants to hear from us each and every day. It is important that we always talk with him and always go to him for everything. It was also super cool because we talked to him about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. It was awesome because he took Sunday off the week before to watch General Conference with his friend and he got a lot more work at his shop and he was a lot happier. We were able to explain to him about how important it is. He is going to take the next Sunday off again!

We were only able to do one service project this week. We helped members in the 3rd Ward, Belinda and Wayne, cut down some of their almond trees that were dead and some branches that had fallen off when they shook the trees. It is really fun doing service and I am glad that my father taught me about service. Service is really awesome! We also helped at Community Sharing, just like we do each and every Tuesday.

This week all of the Elders in our district got airsoft guns! We are super excited and have already had a war last week and are having one today in a member’s orchard! There are a few pictures below so hopefully no one gets mad that this is a short email today! We go out into a member’s almond orchard and have fun!

The scripture for the week is Isaiah 41:10. I love this scripture. God will never leave us or let us be alone. It always makes me feel good whenever I read this. Sometimes we feel alone in life but we are never alone. Always turn to Heavenly Father in times of need. He will never let us go. He loves us and cares for us more than we can imagine. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful day today!

Elder Pope

We had the Sisters take a picture of us before we left to go have our airsoft war! Best preparation day!
I decided to grow a beard while on my mission. Just kidding. It is fake. I know I had you all but don’t worry, I didn’t.


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