Week 38 – Living the High Life

What up everybody? Life is going great in the mission field! Just teaching the gospel to everybody like no big deal. I can’t believe it is already October – like where has the time gone? Time is flying by way too fast!

This week was a fun week. It was especially fun to watch General Conference and hear from the leaders of the church. It is always so wonderful to be able to hear from them every six months. The talks were so wonderful to listen to and I know we can grow from following their teachings. One of my favorite talks was Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita’s. He shared about the Elder who went to Japan and how his prosthetic leg kept breaking on his bike. The Elder was so ambitious and wanted to keep pushing even though he was having problems. He had to go to a different mission where he didn’t have to bike, but I loved how diligent and ambitious he was to keep working as hard as he possibly could. It really made me pause and check to make sure that I am being as diligent and ambitious as I should be. We need to regularly check ourselves and make sure that we are always staying ambitious and faithful to the Lord.

We have to push the Tangles baptismal date back to November 3rd. They both have to work everyday this month, but they will be getting that day off so we are hoping and praying that this date will stay. They are doing really well. We were able to eat dinner with them this week and share a message with them.

We were able to do service Tuesday through Friday this week. Tuesday and Wednesday we helped a less active member rebuild a gate, then we painted it for him. They are selling their house and they were really grateful for our help. On Thursday we helped a less active member cut down weeds all around her yard. It was really fun to help and share a message with her and her family. On Friday we helped Wayne and Belinda, who are super awesome members, rake some of their walnuts out from the fence. We love doing service for them because they always feed us and it is always the best food.

For Conference we went over to Horacio’s home for the first session. Horacio, one of our members, fed us breakfast before it started. We ate menudo, which is cow stomach, and it was pretty good. It is always fun to try new things. For the second session on Saturday we went to the church and watched it with the other missionaries. For the Sunday morning session we went to the Stocker’s. They fed us french toast and sausage then we watched it together. For the Sunday afternoon session we went to the Eckstein’s. They have three non-members living with them so we thought it was a great idea, and it was. We have a return appointment to come back and teach them! They fed us lunch too.

My scripture for the week is 3 Nephi 11:14. I really enjoy this scripture because Jesus is wanting the people to come and feel his wounds. The word “thrust” really stands out to me because that means Jesus wants everyone to know He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. He died for us and lived again so we can live again as well. We can all come unto Jesus just like the Nephites did. I love my Savior so much! Always strive and do as the Savior would. You will be blessed because of it! Have a wonderful week! Love you all tons!

Elder Pope

We had a big nerf war last preparation day. Elder Simms and I were on a team and the other two were on the other team. We beat them every game. It was pretty fun!
Two other Elders from the zone, Elder Thomson and Elder Feltman. They are both super awesome!
Sitting on the fork lift, with Horacio, looking cool. It is too bad that missionaries can’t drive fork lifts because I really wanted to.
The crew doing work at Wayne and Belinda’s house. The only place where money grows on trees. I know what I am going to get when I get home!


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