Week 29 – Service Crew

What is up everybody? Hope y’all had a great week and will have a great one this week!

This week we were able to do tons of service. The first service project that we did was helping a member move 27,000 chickens into one of his barns. He has ten barns with 27,000 chickens in each barn. Talk about a lot of chickens. It was super fun to see how it all worked and to fill up one barn. They change out every six weeks and it was so fun to do it! The second service project that we did was helping an investigator tear out old carpet so she can put in hard wood floor. It was pretty gross but glad to be done with it! We did two service projects on Saturday, which was really great! The first was helping an investigator trim his front yard. We had eight missionaries and it took us three hours to trim his front yard. He then took us out to lunch, which was great! The second was helping a less active woman clean out her barn that was full of who knows what.

This week we had the opportunity to eat some amazing tacos! We ate lamb chop tacos, cow heart tacos, and carne asada tacos. They were super good! The food here is so good! A lot of the time we get fed steak!

This week we were able to teach just a few lessons. One of the lessons we taught was to Prince. He is a foster kid that is living here with a member family. They are planning on adopting him, so we really want him to be baptized. He is a great kid and is learning so much about the gospel. He said he wants to wait a little longer to be baptized because he isn’t quite sure about it yet. We are making sure that he is the one who wants to make the decision and not be pressured into it.

The scripture for this week is Doctrine & Covenants 46. I love this section because it talks about spiritual gifts. We all have spiritual gifts that we can develop and share with one another. I know that my companion and I are supposed to be together and share our different spiritual gifts with one another and with people we come in contact with.

Have a wonderful week and remember to share the gospel with every person you come in contact with. You never know who is prepared for the gospel! I love you all so much!

Elder Pope

Eating cow heart and other good stuff!
Ripping carpet out for our investigator!
Doing service for the other Elders in our district’s investigator!
A less active member is teaching us to lasso. You could call me a professional now! I am now officially a cowboy!
All of the chickens in the barn we filled. All 27,000 of them.
More at the chickens with the ten barns. It was only like 105 degrees outside. No big deal.
This is a picture of Jesus that one of our investigators drew for me. It is all hand drawn and is super cool!


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