Week 28 – Jesus Christ Loves YOU!

Well, another week has passed by out here on the mission. The weeks just seem to be getting faster and faster each week! This week has been a great week and a pretty memorable one!

First, I got my new companion, Elder Powell! He is from Cromwell, Indiana and is a farm boy. He is 20 and said he loves it so far so hopefully I am doing a good job at training him! We were able to see a lot of less active and part member families this week. Our goal is to visit all of them this transfer because there are a lot of part member families and there has to be at least one family who is ready for the rest of the family to be baptized.

Second, we got in a car crash today. That was pretty fun…not! It took half of our preparation day to get that all resolved and we had to wait for a ride to take us back to our apartment. We were all fine but the car wasn’t. Good thing we were all wearing our seat belts! Everything happens for a reason and for some reason it was just supposed to be. I know that God was watching over us because the car that hit us was probably going 40 miles per hour.

We have been teaching a lady named Pat Nydal. She is a great lady who loves to read the Book of Mormon. She used to live in St. George and moved here so she and her husband could take care of his dad. She loves to talk with us but says that the people here just aren’t the same as they are in St. George. She is hoping to move back to St. George soon and she really wants to start going back to church.

Fay Elliott is moving to Alabama on August 10th and doesn’t feel like she will be ready to be baptized before then, so hopefully the elders in Alabama will find her! Bob is staying here until he retires in a few years, so we are going to continue to work with him and hopefully when she gets baptized he will too!

We were able to do a lot of service this week. We started off by helping one of our less active members move his fiance into his house. It was really great to help them out and they are supposed to be getting married soon. She said she wants to start coming to church and hopefully we can get her baptized! The second service project that we did this week was helping one of our members clean out their barn. It was chuck full with a bunch of who knows what. Our job was to get it from the upstairs and bring it to the driveway down at the bottom. The third service project we did this week was helping a family in the 3rd Ward cut down one of their “amond” (like the farmers here would call it) trees. They call them “almonds” on the trees but “amonds” off the trees because when the tree gets shook it knocks the “L” out of it. Haha! Everyone jokes about it here. It was fun because we got to use the chain saw! Using chain saws is super fun! We have a few service projects lined up for this week so it should be a good week.

I am grateful to be serving a mission! I know that we all have trials in our lives but they are just to make us better people. We will all have trials, and some trials are easier then others, but we will be able to make it through all of them if we push strong and apply the Atonement to our lives. We are on this earth to prepare to meet God and do the best we can to strive to live again with him some day. We will be tested on this earth and we will fall. No one is perfect except for one, and his name is Jesus Christ. Because of the Atonement we are able to be forgiven of our sins and be better people!

My scripture for this week is Mosiah 3:7. I love this scripture because it is about the Atonement and it tells us that Jesus has gone through everything that we will ever have to go through. When times get tough just think of the Savior and all he went through. I love you all so much and am grateful for all of your wonderful examples to me!

Also, big shout out to my cousin, Tanner Clegg, for killing it on his mission! He is such a great example to me and I am grateful for him! Crazy to think that he is already home and next thing you know it will be me coming home (in a year and a half)!

Elder Pope

Taking the trees that we cut down to the burn pile.
Elder Powell, my new companion, and I taking pictures in the car.
I really miss Big Trees. It is so awesome! Who ever is down for it when I get back, we are going to go hammock camping in Big Trees!


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