Week 26 – I Love You Bros

This week while biking down the road someone yelled out at us, “I love you bros!” He stopped a little ways up the road, so we went and started talking with him. He was a really cool guy! He said he wasn’t interested but he loves what we do. He told us to keep up the good work and share Jesus with others. It was a really awesome experience! I really love people like that!

This week Elder Kishpaugh and I prayed and asked that we would get a new investigator because we hadn’t found a new one in over a month. One of our investigators, Fay, said she wanted to take us out to dinner because I hadn’t been to this place she likes. She and her husband, who previously was not interested at all, picked us up and took us to dinner. While at dinner, we got talking. His name is Bob and he has never really talked to us because he had heard bad things about “Mormons.” Over dinner, he found out we weren’t half bad people and started to open up to us. He started talking about family history and how he loves doing it, not knowing that our church is super big into family history. We got talking about family history and he got really excited! It is all he could talk about the rest of the night. He invited us back and wants to learn more about it, so we have an appointment set up for this week! His wife Fay doesn’t want to be baptized unless he gets baptized, so hopefully we can work on Bob now! I know that it was an answer to our prayer to find just one new investigator!

This week in district meeting we talked about unity. It really made me think. Are we truly united one with another and one with the Savior? Our mission vision is, “We are one with the Savior, in doing the will of the Father!” I really love 2 Nephi 1:21. In the end of the verse it says, “be determined in one mind and in one heart, united in all things that ye may not come down into captivity.” I really love this scripture because it shows that we need to be united with the Savior. We need to always have that connection with Him. It is so hard to see those people who don’t have that connection, since they are ones who are down in captivity. Don’t fall into Satan’s traps. He is always challenging and tempting us but if we will turn to the Savior and do our best then everything will be okay!

This week we received the list of all the less active members and part member families here. There are 45 part member families in our ward boundaries that we are going to start working with! We are hoping and praying that some families will be prepared to learn more and get baptized!

This week we did just over eight hours of service! We helped some members move out of our ward on Saturday. That was really fun but sad to see them go! We did a few hours of service at community sharing. This week while at community sharing we had an investigator who was dropping off food. He saw us so he came and said, “Hi.” It was awesome because he told us he respects us even more for doing service for the homeless people! Service is so wonderful and it is awesome when things like that happen. I love serving my Lord and Savior to help grow his kingdom.

The scripture for this week is 3 Nephi 11. This is, in my opinion, the greatest chapter of the Book of Mormon! I love reading the Book of Mormon! It is so great that we have it. I know that a 14 year old boy named Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and that he saw God and Jesus Christ. I am grateful for this gospel and for all the wonderful blessings it brings into our lives.

Today we are going to the pawn shop and maybe going to the driving range. I love you all! Keep up the good work at home and always try to share the gospel with anybody that you can! You just never know who is prepared and waiting for it.

Elder Pope

This is Horacio. He is a member as of two years ago. He loves having the missionaries over and making us food. We ate dinner at his house on the fourth and we ate ribs and really good chicken. We ate lunch at his house yesterday and we ate super good carnitas tacos.
Elder Simms and I at community sharing. It is so fun to serve others!
A member gave us money for food so Elder Kishpaugh and I went to an Italian restaurant.
We helped a member put up more of her fence. She has cows so we chilled with them for a few minutes while taking a break.
We helped an old folks home by trimming their roses. It was super fun and they were so happy!SAM_0805


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