Week 19 – That is a Long Way to Scream

This week was a pretty fun week here in Turlock!

The work isn’t going as great as we are hoping but we are working really hard everyday to kick it back up!

We are teaching an investigator named James. James is a really cool guy! He was the starter of the Two-0-Nine Car Club. He is the guy with all of the cool old cars that I send pictures of. We were teaching him yesterday and he drank five beers while we were teaching him. He agrees with all of the things that we have been teaching him but is not quite sure if he is ready to make the change in his life. He is a really cool guy and we really feel like he is ready to be baptized he just has to quit drinking. He said it would be pretty hard because that is all he and his friends do. They drink and work on their cars. We told him we are going to convert him and his whole car club. He laughed and said, “Do it!” They told us if anyone ever gives us trouble to let them know and they would take care of it. They are super cool. Next time we teach him I will take a picture with him, if I remember.

This week we went on exchanges. I went on exchanges with Elder Ferrell. He is from Texas and is really cool. We were able to teach three lessons and they all went really well. He came to my area so it was really nice. He said that my area is better than his. We visited a less active named Sister Vigil. She talked to us about how her daughter wanted to fly her out to South Carolina to visit her. She hasn’t seen her daughter in ten years. She said she will NOT get on an airplane because she is to scared of heights. I asked her if she was scared to die. She said, “No, it would just be a long way to scream.” We about died laughing! She is really funny and loves talking with us!

This week we did two different service projects and have another planned for tomorrow. The first service project we did was help Daphne, our investigator, cut down more of her trees. She bought us a pizza and was leaving to go out to lunch with some friends so we had a ton of pizza for lunch. Our dinner appointment called us just after lunch and told us they didn’t feel good but would drop off food for us. They dropped off two 18 inch pizzas. One for each of us. And they got each of us a two liter bottle of root beer. So we had pizza for lunch the next few days. The second service project we did was helping Jamie, an investigator, clean her house. We had members that live right above her come over and we cleaned her house for her. She has had bronchitis for the past two weeks so we said we would help her clean her house. It was really fun!

That is about all for this week. Not a whole lot of other things happened. We have just been trying find people to teach. I love you all so much and am so grateful for the support you give me! Keep up the good work where ever you are! The scripture for this week is Ether 12:27. Not sure if I have done this one yet but it is a really wonderful scripture! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Pope

We were at a less active member’s home who had little goats. He is the one in the picture with me. He and his wife have been coming to church every week but we still visit them once a week. His name is Brother Warren. He is fighting cancer right now and is super awesome!
This is the new hat that I got! It is a great hat to do service in!
This is one of James’ friend’s car. He has nine different pimped out cars. One of his cars was the old Chevy Impala that was purple. He told me he will sell me one when I get home from my mission. I will be cruising in style.


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