Week 18 – Soy Un Hijo De Dios

Hello Everybody! Hope all of you had a wonderful week!

This week we were able to do three different service projects. The first service project that we did was helping one of our investigators clean up her backyard. Her name is Daphne. She is from Taiwan and is super awesome. She is a doctor and loves to talk with us. We just have a few things that she needs to decide and hopefully we will get her baptized. The second service project that we did was helping a lady get her kite out of a tree. We were riding past a park to go and see an investigator and saw her so we decided to stop. She was so thankful we stopped to help. She had just bought the kite and accidentally got it stuck. We tried for about 30 minutes to help her get it down. She told us, “It is fine. I will just leave it.” We got her address just in case we were able to get it down later. We went to a members house, who is about three blocks away, and borrowed a ladder. We got her kite down and took it to her house. She said we were her heroes! It was really nice to help her out. We weren’t giving up. It took us a total of two hours to get her kite down. The third service project that we did was helping the Mallory family clean up their backyard even more and help them set up an inflatable pool that they got! The service projects were all really fun that we did this week!

We have been teaching a guy named Nick Everett. He is the son of Don Everett, one of our recent converts who I baptized. Nick is 21 but isn’t really a religious person. He doesn’t believe in God, so we are trying hard to see what we can do for him so he can believe in God. We just have to take baby steps but we keep praying he will start to understand and believe. He is a really cool person but he has looked into like every church and doesn’t want anything to do with them but loves talking with us.

We were at a park street contacting people and a lady yelled at us from her car. It was really awesome because she pulled over and came running at us. We thought it was some crazy lady trying to attack us but she was in tears when she got over to us. She explained to us that she had just come home from visiting her daughter and son in Colorado, who are recent converts to the church. She said she keeps seeing missionaries and knows it is God talking to her. She said she would love to meet with us but her husband doesn’t want us to come over. She then explained that she sees us almost every other day. She then said bye and ran to her car. Yesterday we went to visit an investigator and when we were leaving I saw a lady sitting outside picking weeds. I caught a quick glimpse as we started biking off and I told Elder Jarvis she looked familiar. It was her, and she started to cry when we came up. We talked for a little while and she said she will talk with us if she sees us when she is by herself. She was really awesome and hopefully we will see her again soon!

This week I went on exchanges with Elder Brough. He is from South Jordan and a really cool guy. But that is about all for this week. Just trying to find more people to teach is the biggest job right now. It is really funny because we get honked at at least five times a day by people that just wave at us. I love the people here so much! Everyone is super friendly and always welcoming!

I love you all so much and am grateful for all the support that you give me! Keep up the good work at home and always Choose The Right! The scripture for this week is John 11:35. Pray and ponder about this scripture. It is a wonderful scripture!

Elder Pope

This is how we got the ladder to the tree with the kite stuck in it.

This is Daphne. Really cool person! When we were done cutting down some branches she wanted removed, she got all happy and said, “Time for a pizza party!” It was really funny. Once we were done she said thank you and told us to come back next Tuesday to help her cut down more trees. She then proceeded to say, “We will have another pizza party!” We laughed but she loves talking with us.

Pictures from Sister Tilby. We are so grateful Elder Pope is living with the Tilby family! We love them!


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