Week 17 – Four Months?!

It is crazy to think that I have already been out for four months now.

This week was a great week. We were able to do four different service projects. I love doing service for others. The first service project we did was helping a member plant trees and weed whack her backyard. We are hoping to go over soon and take out all of the weeds then help her plant sod. The second service project that we did was helping a member move wood. The third service project was part of “Love Turlock.” We helped scrub off some hard water stains in a water park. It was really fun and they fed us lunch after, which was super good. The fourth service project that we did was mowing a less active lady’s lawn and cleaning up her yard. It was a really wonderful experience to do so much service! Doing service is really fun.

We are still teaching Raymond. He still wants to be baptized which is really good. He said he loves learning more and wants to change his life. We are hoping to be able to meet with him more often this next week. He is doing pretty good in understanding. We are trying really hard to continue finding people to teach.

We had a recent convert move into our ward. He used to live in Ceres. His name is Andres Zapata. He is really cool. He has been shot three times and is still going strong. He has a really strong testimony and loves the church. He wants to talk to people about the church whenever he has the opportunity. He is so awesome.

This is a quote by President Palmer in his letter: “Motherhood is far more than a physical gift or birthright; it is also, and much more importantly, a spiritual gift accompanied by a sacred responsibility. All women, regardless of age, circumstance, or marital status have that gift, that responsibility, and the enduring as well as endearing opportunity to encourage, edify, uplift, nurture, love, lead and serve those who are progressing through their mortal journey both physically and spiritually. This gift continues through this life and throughout eternity.” I am so grateful for my mother and all that she does for me. She is such a wonderful lady and it was so wonderful to talk with her yesterday!

That is all for this week. Not a whole lot of other exciting things happened. I love you all so much and am grateful for all the support I am receiving while out here on my mission. The scripture for this week is all of Moroni 7. We talked about it for Zone Conference and I learned so much about it. Always keep your faith strong!

Elder Pope

Doing service.
While on exchanges with Elder Perry, there was a 12 year old kid named Jose playing basketball. We stopped and started talking with him as well as shooting around. He loved playing basketball with us. He is Catholic but he told us we could stop by and talk to him every once in awhile. The picture of me dunking it is a 9 and a half foot hoop. Almost ten but not quite.
This is the Tilby’s shaved ice shack. It is really nice living with them because whenever they are outside they always ask if we want one. It is the best!
Friday it rained on us pretty hard for a few minutes. We got out our umbrellas, walked the park, and street contacted people.


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