Week 16 – Soy Una Hija De Dios

Happy Mothers Day!

This week was a great week. We have been teaching lots of different people!

This last Tuesday we taught a potential investigator named Raymond. He is a really cool guy and his whole family is Catholic. He wants to know more about the church. We taught him a lesson and committed him to be baptized, so we are going to try for May 21. We told him it is not a set date but we are just going to shoot for it. He agreed to it. It was really awesome because he kept telling us he is getting a good feeling, so we told him it was the Holy Ghost. It was a really awesome experience.

This last Thursday we played basketball with a whole bunch of people. We were able to get one of our potential investigators there. He really enjoyed it and he got along really well with the members there. We are going to hopefully start teaching him this week and still get him to basketball on Thursday nights.

Yesterday for Gospel Principles class we talked about sacrifice. Taylor Ann Tilby, who just got home from the Trinidad Mission and is the daughter of the people we are living with, shared an experience while she was on her mission. A recent convert family who had been members for just under a year really wanted to go to the temple. The missionaries talked about it and they had seen pictures of the temples and thought they were so cool. The family was determined to go to the temple. The family took their baptismal record and a picture of the temple to the place where you get your passports. Usually you have to take a whole bunch of papers and it is still really hard to get a passport. They handed the man the papers and said they needed to get to the temple. He had heard about Mormons and thought it was awesome. He gave them a ten year passport for the family so they can go back more then just once. They went back home and sold half of their furniture so they could afford to buy a plane ticket to get the temple. They went to the temple and enjoyed it. They didn’t have enough money to buy plane tickets back home but some nice man bought their whole family plane tickets back because he knew how much they had sacrificed to get that far. I love this story. It really made me think about how lucky we are to have temples within walking distance. We should never take that for granted. There is no excuse that we shouldn’t go to the temple at least once a week and probably more. It is the House of the Lord and it is such a wonderful place. I challenge you all to strive to go to the temple at least once a week.

There is a really cool talk called “We Walk by Faith” by Gordon B. Hinckley in the 2002 April General Conference. It is a really powerful talk and I want you all to look it up and read it. It really strengthened my testimony. We were talking about it yesterday in church. It is one of my favorite talks and is amazing.

The scripture for this week is Helaman 5:12. It is one of my favorite scriptures. We always need to keep adding to that foundation. Never think that your foundation is good enough. Jesus Christ is always there for us all the time. Never let Satan take over.

We are trying our very best to keep getting investigators. I am really grateful for this gospel in my life and how wonderful it is to see it affect other people as well. I know this is the one true church on this earth today. I love you all so much and am grateful for each and every one of you and your example to me.

Elder Pope

Anthony Lopez, a recent convert, and I got into a serious game of basketball on Wednesday night. He accidentally tore off a side of my pocket.


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