Week 14 – Three Months!

Wow, I can’t believe I have been out for three months already!

This week was a pretty normal week. We didn’t do a lot of exciting things.

We did three different service projects this week. They were all super fun! The first service project we did was help move one of our members to another house. We got to move a lot of heavy dressers and desks. And, of course we had to move all of the heavy stuff to the second floor because they were getting the downstairs carpet removed. This week we are going to help the family move a massive pool table that they have as well. They had a big thing of protein that they weren’t going to use, and their son doesn’t like it, so they gave it to me. The second service project we did was helping one of our members build a garden. That was pretty fun! The third service project we did was help a less active clean out their brother’s old house. We only saw a few black widows. I found out that there are black widows everywhere here too!

We visit our recent converts once a week. We love going out to the Sutton’s because they have a ton of different animals and every time we go out to their house they have some new animal. We were able to play with their little turkeys, chickens, pig, fainting goat, ducks, and mini goat. It is always an adventure when we go out to their house. It is also really awesome when we go out to their house because they give us a ton of eggs. Last week they gave us three dozen eggs. They give us about that many almost every time we go out there, so that is pretty cool.

The guy named Leon, who we are teaching, has some pretty serious challenges but we met with him again this week and he said, “Am I still being baptized on the 30th?” It really caught us off guard because we had talked to him about being baptized and we thought it was just out of the way but he brought it up. We both got super happy and knew that he really wants to be baptized. We now just have to work on a few things so he can be there, but we can do it. Please pray for him so he can stop smoking.

We are still teaching the group home. There are really only two of the boys who are interested but we keep teaching them all. This week we will hopefully get at least one of them on date to be baptized. They are all super cool and wanting to learn more. We went by yesterday to pick them up for church and we found out they can’t go without a supervisor and there was only one at the house at that time. They were pretty sad that they couldn’t go, but on the bright side we got them CTR rings and they are wearing them everyday!

That is all for the week. Not a whole lot. We have a few service projects set up for this week. Keep spreading the gospel wherever you are! Always remember that your Heavenly Father loves you and he wants the best for us! I feel all of your prayers and am thankful for them. Please keep them coming. I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Scripture for this week is D&C 82:10. It is a great scripture!

Elder Pope

I made some homemade sweet potato fries this week that were freaking good!SAM_0395SAM_0397
Playing with the duck from the Sutton’s.SAM_0404SAM_0407
President’s interviews!SAM_0408SAM_0409
The Avina’s house last night.SAM_0414SAM_0415


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