Week 12 – Buen Día A Todos!

Hola familia! Que hay de nuevo?

This week was a fun but rough week. We had a lot of good news and some not so good news.

The picture I sent last week was of Abraham (dad) and Renee(daughter) Avina. Abraham’s wife, Ester, passed away yesterday after fighting cancer for about a year. It was really hard on everyone because she was doing pretty well and then these last three days she went downhill really fast, and no one knew about it except for them. It was also really hard on them because Renee’s husband died three years ago from cancer and now Ester. Keep praying that their family will get through this hard time. We were able to go over to the hospital yesterday and comfort them in this hard time. We cheered Abraham up, so that was really good.

Conference was AMAZING! I really enjoyed all of the talks that were given. We missed the morning session of it because we were at the hospital with the Avina’s but we are going to watch it soon. My favorite talk was either Elder Holland’s talk at the end or President Monson’s talk in Priesthood session. I really liked how the man used his Priesthood power to have the rescue boat come back and save them. It is really cool how we can use the Priesthood for so many different things that can bless our lives.

We had a really cool experience last night! We stopped at a group home to see if two of the guys we were going to start teaching were home. A kid named Derek answered the door and we asked if they were home and he said “No.” We then asked if he would be interested in learning about our church. He said, “Sure.” Come to find out, earlier that day something had happened and he had made the decision to come closer to Jesus Christ and to pray about how he can do so. Then we showed up later that night! We asked him if this could be an answer to his prayer. He said, “Oh yeah, of course.” We then taught him about the Book of Mormon and about prophets. He then said he wanted to be a prophet someday and to preach the word to people all around the world. We then said, “Like us as missionaries?” and he said, “Yes!” We invited him to be baptized and he said he would pray about it. We are meeting with him again tomorrow night, so hopefully that all goes great!

Another new investigator we found is Leon. He looks like he is 25. We taught him two lessons and have a time this week to go and teach him another lesson. We assumed he is about 25 because he is living with all of his family, but we decided to ask him. He told us he is 43. We then asked how many children he has. He told us he has four children. The first is 29, the second is 27, the third is 14, and the fourth is 12. We were really caught off guard, but it was really funny. He is a really cool guy and has some problems with the word of wisdom, but we can fix that!

The third new investigator we found this week is Michelle. She is really awesome and a really religious person. She grew up Lutheran and wasn’t very open at first. We gave her a Book of Mormon last Thursday and met with her again this last Wednesday. She had read all the way to Alma and was going to start Alma right after we left. She said she believes everything that we are teaching her and we are super excited to meet with her again. So hopefully we can get her a date to be baptized. She has never been baptized and told us she has always wanted to be baptized!

That is all for this week. I am really grateful to be serving here in the California Modesto Mission! I know this is where God wants me to be at this time in my life. I pray for you all everyday and hope all is going well back at home! I love you all so much and am grateful for you and your testimonies!

Elder Pope
(or if the Hermanas are talking to me it’s Elder Papa. It is really funny.)



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