Week 10 – Happy Easter

2 months already? It is crazy to think that I have now been in Modesto for two months!

This week we were able to meet with a potential investigator who we have been wanting to meet ever since I have been here. We always talked with his son, who is 15, but the dad was never home. We were able to catch him at home for a few minutes and talk. It was pretty funny because he is way into dirt biking and cars. We started talking about dirt biking for like 15 minutes. I then asked about the car that he had in the driveway. He showed me a picture of what he wants to do to it. He said it is his wife’s car. It is a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT. It is a beast of a car. We then got started on other cars including the car he is going to get himself soon. He is super cool and I am super excited for our meeting tomorrow. He is basically like a grown kid with cars and dirt bikes, and I loved it.

Saturday night at the ward talent show I found out that one of our members owns his own car shop. I went and asked him about it. He told me that he takes fast cars and makes them faster. He also told me that he holds the fastest miles per hour in the world. For the mile he went 204 MPH and his half mile is 176 MPH. He told us he has a Zl1 Camero that is running just over 1500 HP. He is one of my new favorites in the ward. We are hoping to go to his shop today. His name is Brother Starkweather.

This week we were able to do three different service projects. We were able to do two service projects on Saturday, which were really fun, and the first service project we did was on Wednesday. We helped Brother Mallory do some yard work and we taught him while we helped him clean his yard. The second service project that we did was moving concrete for a member who had to have it moved so their kids could play in the backyard. Some of the pieces weighed about 300 pounds. It was really fun, then we took them to the dump! The third service project that we did was mowing a ladies lawn. We mowed her lawn three weeks ago. She wants us to mow her lawn every two weeks. They were are all really fun! I really love doing service! We actually did another service project too. The ward got together and bought a lady in a different ward some furniture. A few of the missionaries got together and helped move it all in.

I had a really cool experience this week. We were biking in the southern part of our ward and I saw two Hispanic men walking up the road towards us. My companion rode past them, but I had a feeling I needed to stop and talk to them. As I was approaching them, I noticed that the first guy had a big bowie knife in his pocket and his friend had a curved knife. I stopped and started talking with them. I asked if I could give them a picture of Jesus Christ. I pulled out the picture and showed them. One of the guys grabbed the picture and threw it on the ground. The other one picked it up and said he would watch it. The first one came and gave me a hug because he felt bad. We talked for five minutes. I just hope that the second one, who picked it up, will watch the Hallelujah video. I was praying the whole time that they wouldn’t stab me. I was saying to myself while riding up, “I fear no man.” As missionaries, we are supposed to invite ALL to come unto Christ. I knew that I couldn’t pass them up!

We are trying really hard to find new investigators. The ward jokes around because all of the investigators that we had have been baptized. There have been seven baptisms in the last four months and before that, in the last year or two, they didn’t really have anyone be baptized. We have two investigators that we met this week and we have times set up with them, so hopefully we will be able to work with them. Keep praying that we will find investigators because we are struggling right now.

I love you all so much! Keep up the good work with all that you do! I know that this is the true church and this is where I am supposed to be.

Elder Pope

Service project moving in furniture.
Service project moving concrete. Now you know why my back hurts. Haha.
Eating dinner at Brother and Sister Everett’s house. He is the one I baptized!
This is a nearby food truck that we go to. I was super hungry and put down two of these burritos. We had just finished a service project. I see why Mexican food can make you fat!
Happy Easter/St. Patrick’s Day/Valentine’s Day!


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