Week 9 – The Sutton Boys Baptisms

This week was a good week!

This week I had the opportunity to baptize and confirm Drew Sutton. Elder Jarvis baptized and confirmed Ayden Sutton. It was so awesome to go down into the baptismal font with him because he was so excited. Drew is ten and Ayden is twelve. They are both super awesome young men and it was great to see them be baptized. It is the best feeling bringing someone unto the waters of baptism.

On Tuesday, Elder Jarvis and I went to a service project for someone in the ward. We got there and no one was there, but the project was done. We decided we better just go back and change, then keep proselyting. On our way home there was a old man in a wheelchair in his front yard. We waived but kept riding. I had a feeling we needed to go talk to him. We went over and asked how he was doing and if we could help him with anything. He wanted us to mow his lawn. He told us he couldn’t mow his lawn and it was too long; he didn’t like it. We mowed and trimmed his lawn for him. It took us the rest of that day, until it got dark, so we told him we would come back tomorrow and finish. He was very thankful. Come to find out he is on our avoid list! I guess the missionaries had gone over to his house a few transfers prior and he had flipped out at them and told them to never come back or he would hurt them. I know that it was the spirit telling me we needed to help him out. Always follow the spirit when it prompts you to do something. You might not know what it is for, but just do it.

We weren’t going to have any investigators after we baptized the Sutton boys, so we were trying really hard to get a new investigator before they got baptized. We were riding our bikes to an appointment and were able to stop and talk with a girl named Lisa. We were able to teach her about the Restoration and are meeting with her again on Wednesday, so that is really good!

There is also this potential investigator named Crystal. We have tried going over a few times each week but it is never a good time and she doesn’t want to make a set time because she never knows when she will be home or not. We were about to leave and we thought we should go and see her before we see the other people we had planned to see. We went over and a lady answered the door. She explained that they were just talking about the missionaries going over to the hospital to give her niece a blessing. Her niece, who is 8 months old, got a piece of her head bitten off by a pit bull and it wasn’t good. We gave them the number for the Elders who were in the area of the hospital, so they could give her a blessing.

This week we were informed that one of our recent converts still has cancer. She had done stage 1 of chemotherapy and it just stopped the cancer from spreading. They found a tumor the size of a lemon in her now too. Her son in law passed away in stage two cancer two years ago, so she is really sad right now. She and her husband are the sweetest people. Keep them in your prayers. Their names are the Avinas. Her husband Abraham is taking it pretty bad, but he took us out once this week to our appointments and he wants to take us out more this week because it takes his mind off of it. I will try to get a picture with him. It is always super fun to go over and teach them the new member lessons because every time we go over they say, “should we start off right and start with the Pope or end with the Pope.” It is super funny. Elder Jarvis and I always joke around with people when they ask why I am not Catholic. We tell them I am the only Catholic missionary serving a Mormon mission, and people usually get a kick out of it!

The church just put out an Easter video that you all should go and watch called Hallelujah. There are actually two that you should watch. There is an actual video and there is a really good one of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing with other people via video. There is also a Mormon message I would like you to watch – “The Will Of God.” You might have already seen it but watch it again. It is super awesome.

I love you all so much! The church is true! Keep praying for all of the missionaries. Always strive to be more like our Heavenly Father in every way possible. Always remember who you represent!

Elder Pope

It was pretty funny because it was pouring really hard and we had an appointment. We were riding and people were offering to let us into their garages to dry off for a little. We couldn’t be late so we just kept riding. It was pretty miserable but it will all pay off in the long run!


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