Week 8 – Seven Week Transfer

This week was really great! We had the baptism on Saturday for Anthony, but other then that it was pretty slow. Anthony has grown so strong and I am so happy for him. I have grown really close to him and I want to stay in contact with him for the rest of my life. This next Saturday the Sutton boys are being baptized and I can not wait for it! They are both really excited and ready. I couldn’t be happier for them and their desire to be baptized.

This transfer is seven weeks instead of six because of the MTC extension. I will still be serving in the Turlock 4th ward with Elder Jarvis! I have become really close to some of the members and am so happy I am staying here for now.

This week I heard my first two gun shots. It was pretty crazy. We were in a members house and we had the door open. We heard one and thought it was just a firework, then we heard the second shot. Yep, it was definitely a gun. You could tell it had a silencer on it but we could still hear it so it was pretty close.

This week it rained on us for three days now and it is still raining outside. It is pretty fun biking in the rain but it can get cold sometimes. My legs get drenched, but other then that it has been really fun biking in it!

We get free pizza from Little Ceasers because it is a member who owns it. The missionaries get to have one free pizza each a week. There is also a frozen yogurt place down the road from it where we get the first five dollars free each time we go. It is a member who owns it and this is her way of feeding the missionaries. I got a massive one and only had to pay 97 cents for it.

I want you all to watch the Mormon Message, “Refiners Fire.” It is a really good Mormon Message that I really enjoyed this week. Our Heavenly Father cuts us down so that we can be built up stronger. I love talking about the Plan of Salvation with members or non-members and explaining to them why He cuts us down so we can grow stronger from it. I love sharing a experience with them that I have realized while being on my mission. Heavenly Father puts those challenges in our way to see if we will stay strong. I know that He was challenging me to see if I would still go on a mission after my grandma died the week before and the funeral being held the day before my farewell. I love to share it with them and how we can grow from those challenges that he puts in our paths. If we didn’t have those hard times then we wouldn’t know what the good times were because everything would be a good time. They are there for a reason.

Les quiero mi familia.

I didn’t have a whole lot of time today, so it isn’t the longest but I love you all! Keep up the good work at home and always remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Elder Pope

This is my district!
This is from the house we live behind. It was a really cool sunset!
This is the chicken coop that we built this week. I really enjoy doing service for others.
This is one of our less-active members car. He has tattoos everywhere and he is super cool! His car has hydraulics. I will take a video next time we go over there. He said when he drives it he bounces it up and down.
We were able to go on a “field trip” with one of the members after dinner. I went on exchanges with my district leader and the member took us to the Golden Dragon for dinner, then he took us to his work for all-you-can-eat ice cream and a tour. It was super fun! They make the best stuff possible. They make tons of Tillamook ice cream and I was so jealous. There was so much ice cream there and I just wanted to eat it all!
We got rain!
This is a picture of Anthony’s baptism. It is with Anthony and his finance, Ali, who is a member.
This was today. We went shopping, then stopped at Little Ceasers, then played pool. We played pool and ping pong with the Tilbys on Saturday night. Their son, who is a junior in high school and plays baseball, really loves me. We always talk! He was talking smack about how he could beat me in pool and we played and I beat him. Then I played ping pong against Sister Tilby, the mom. She is the second best player in the family, behind Brother Tilby, and she said she could beat me. We started playing and I was up 4 to 1 on her but it was 10:30 so we had to run upstairs and jump into bed. It was really funny but we are probably going to finish tonight with them!
We received this picture at Anthony’s baptism from President Palmer, Nathan’s mission president.


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