Week 7 – Familia, que honda?!

Well, this week was a great week! We didn’t teach as many lessons as we were hoping for, but it was really solid.

The baptism that was supposed to be on Saturday got pushed back until the 12th so more family members can be there. We were sad, but it is what it is.

We are teaching Anthony, who is an investigator, each week. His baptismal date is for next Saturday the 5th. Anthony is a super awesome man! He already has such a strong testimony of this church and I always feel the spirit when I am around him. I can’t wait until next Saturday for his baptism. We are teaching the lessons at his finance’s uncle’s house. His family doesn’t know that he is getting baptized yet, but he is going to invite them this week. He didn’t want to, but we agreed that it is always important to give out the invitation.

Drew and Aydin are still preparing to be baptized since it got pushed back two weeks. They are really strong and I can’t wait for them to be baptized. We are still trying to work on the dad. The dad is super cool. He just doesn’t really want anything to do with the church.

I haven’t really talked about our apartment but along with the pictures, yes there are a lot of things to do there! We play pool during lunch and at night after planning if we are ready for bed. We play ping pong too. It is really fun because the other Elders will come over about once a week and we will play games. All the Elders want to play me in ping pong because I just wreck all of them so they want to keep playing and hopefully beat me.

This last Tuesday we had a meeting for all the new missionaries in Modesto. It was super fun to see all of the people I came here with and to share stories with one another. They are all doing really well. We just talked about how it is adjusting to missionary life and things like that.

This week we had the opportunity to do two service projects for different people. The first service project we did was for Brother Mallory (our weekly service for him). We helped him finish his chicken coop and clean up his yard which was pretty fun! The second service project we did was to mow a ladies lawn and clean up her yard. She isn’t a member but we asked if she needed help with anything and she told us to come back in a few days to do her yard. She said she will pray with us next time, but she was busy the time we did her yard.

I want you all to read Moroni 10:32-33. They are great scriptures that you all need to read!

It was a good week, but we didn’t do a whole lot. I am praying for you all everyday. I love you all so much! Keep emailing me and sending me letters! I love them. Keep up the good work! Always be a missionary 24/7. There are always people waiting to hear something about Jesus Christ and our church. Don’t be afraid to open your mouth!

Elder Pope

This is the view from our apartment. We live in a garage basically.
Before and after of the ladies yard. Her grass was super tall. I mowed it all!
This is a German Shepard that we play with every time we go to the Sutton’s house (The kid I am baptizing on the 12th).
I got a hair cut today which was pretty nice!
Oh and also. We had to walk to Walmart today because all of the other missionaries were going somewhere else and we were the only ones without a car. My companion bought 80 dollars worth of food and we didn’t want to carry it all the way back so we just took the cart and stopped and had lunch at Little Caesars. We looked ridiculous pushing the grocery cart home, but it was super funny. Everyone gave us the funniest looks! But don’t worry! We’ll return it next p-day.
We received this picture from Pam Reschke, who is from Alpine. She was visiting her son and his family, who live in Turlock, and ran into Elder Pope at Stake Conference.


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