Week 6 – Que pasa mis amigos

As you can tell the Spanish is coming along strong!

This week was pretty cool. I went on exchanges with a different elder for 24 hours and slept at their apartment. His name is Elder Holman. He is super cool and really funny. It was really awesome to be with a different companion for that short period of time and to learn from him.

I had a really cool experience this week. In President Palmer’s email to the missionaries he said that we needed to talk to everyone no matter what they look like or what race they are. It was awesome because I was riding my bike down the road and I managed to see a glimpse of a guy who was waiving us down. I yelled at my companion and told him to stop. I pulled up and the guy had big gages and tattoos everywhere. He explained that he was a member and that he had fallen away. He and his girlfriend are living together and he wants to start bringing her to church and getting back into the flow of things. He also said if anything comes up and we don’t have a dinner, or we just need a place to hang out, to just come over. He said that his home was our home too. He was super cool!

This next Saturday I get the opportunity to baptize Drew Sutton. He is 10 and really awesome. Elder Jarvis will baptize the other brother. I am really looking forward to it.

Yo soy un misionero de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias? Esta bien si le damos una tarjeta de Jesucristo?

That is the other Spanish that I learned this week. I will say it to people who don’t speak English and I can give them a picture of Jesus Christ.

Another one of our investigators is Pradeep Chan. He is like the coolest guy you will ever meet. He is from Fiji but is Asian Indian. He was in the 2000 Olympics. He represented Fiji in boxing and in rugby. He ran the Olympic torch in those Olympics. He is super fun to talk to. He is a pharmacist and owns 4 different companies. He knows all of the guys who are on the Fiji rugby team. He is an official that goes and refs the 7 on 7s in Las Vegas every year for the world teams.

I love you all so much! I know this is where I need to be and where the Lord wants me to serve. My testimony has grown so much while being out here and I am really growing to love it! Keep doing everything that you are supposed to do and always follow the spirit. Keep me in your prayers and I will always keep you in my prayers.

I love you all so much!

Elder Pope

This is Elder Lino. He is from Peru and has one transfer left.SAM_0154
This is Elder Holman who I went on exchanges with. He is speaking Lao and Tai. He taught me a few words and it is super funny!SAM_0153
This is how real Mexican food is cooked! I ate 10 tacos with 4 big slabs of carne asada. These are the people who we helped cut down their tree.DSC04332DSC04333
I eat like a champ! I make a good breakfast on Sundays because we have an hour and a half to shower and eat so we aren’t rushed.SAM_0149
This is what I made myself for lunch today. They were pretty good.SAM_0152
This is a shirt I bought that is really cool.SAM_0141
I’m going to try to take a picture of myself each day so you know what I look like. Here is two of the days. I will just send them to mom if you get sick of them! Haha.SAM_0147SAM_0151


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