Week 4 – First Baptism

What’s up Fam?! Broncos with the W!!!!!

This week was a great week! Yesterday I was able to baptize Don Evertt. This is a little background information about Don. Don is a 53 year old man who is super awesome. He has been in two hit and runs. Both times he was walking across the cross walk and got hit by cars. I feel super bad for him because his memory is like a 5 year old. He and his wife are both legally blind. They were married for like 10 years and got a divorce but got re-married the beginning of January. He is super funny.

It was super funny because we had gone over what he was supposed to do when he went down and all that fun stuff. He was like, “Yeah, sure.” When it came time to be baptized I reminded him. I said the prayer then dunked him. I made sure his head and hair went all the way under but his feet shot out of the water. It was super funny but we had to do it again. I explained to him again how he needs to just sit down. So I baptized him twice and that was fun. He said he felt so awesome and great!

It was also a super great week because I was able to give two blessings/sealings. The two blessings we gave this week, they wanted me to seal it. They were both inactive ladies and it was really funny. It is such a great experience to give blessings.

Another thing that was great this week was going over to a less active house to talk and see how they were doing. She went on to explain how she had problems with her computer and see if we could help. Elder Jarvis said he could and she laughed and said, “I could tell you were the computer one. And Elder Pope, you look like you should be out hunting grizzly bears!” It was possibly the funniest thing I have ever heard and she was being dead serious. HAHA.

In the mornings we wake up at 6:10 and some other elders pick us up and we go to the church. All of the elders from the Turlock area play sports. There is usually about 10 of us each morning and it is super fun to be with everyone and enjoy sports. We usually play chair soccer, basketball, and flasketball. I love doing it.

For chair soccer, you have a chair and put it in the gym. You then have one soccer ball and try to hit the other person’s chair with it. It has to hit the chair. I have been winning it a lot and there are even elders that are really good at soccer. They are getting mad. No teams. Just everyone vs everyone. It is really fun. Flasketball is basketball with a football and like ultimate frisbee. So a basket counts as 1 but the ball cant touch the ground or else it goes to the other team. You can also knock the ball out of the persons hand if they pick it up. It is actually really fun. You can only take 2 steps after you have gotten the ball too!

This last Monday we went over the the Youniquez house and watched Meet the Mormons for family home evening. It was the first time I had watched it and I loved it!! The last kid in it really hit home because that was me 26 days ago!

I was able to eat at the Taco Bus this week and it was amazing. When I get home I am going to create a taco bus because it is the best thing ever. Authentic Mexican food that is cheap and delicious. (Doesn’t feel the best coming out the other end but its worth it!)

We have eaten dinner at members homes all except one night and preparation days. That one night I was on splits and we just went to Taco Bus. The dinners the members serve here are all really good. I haven’t had something I haven’t liked yet. I have had 4 steak dinners and it has been really good, so I hope it stays that way!

I went on exchanges with Elder Brower just for fun. He is a Zone Leader and is super cool. We saw little kids playing soccer so we played with them and it was awesome!

We have three baptisms on date right now and hopefully another on by next week. One of the investigators who doesn’t have a date is Anthony. He is 20 and is engaged to a 19 year old Mormon girl and she wants him to be baptized. We have taught him one lesson and he has come to church the last two weeks which is awesome. He comes with her and her uncle and aunt, who are members.

While my companion and I were riding to an appointment this week, he was following me because I bike faster and we were a few minutes late and rushing. I slowed down so I could make the turn and he had his hands off his handle bars because he thought we didn’t turn for a while, but we were. He ran into the back of me and flew off his bike. He got all scraped up and was lucky he didn’t get hit by a car because he flew into the road. I ran and made sure he was okay and grabbed his bike.

In the southern part of our area there is a part that is pretty ghetto and every time you ride by it smells so bad because of all the weed the people smoke. It is the most disgusting thing you will ever smell and it is so bad here!

One thing I learned this week is that missionaries make “METH.” It is Honey Combs with chocolate and peanut butter, then powdered sugar. Instead of Chex they use Honey Combs and it is actually really tasty.

Well, I love you guys! Keep praying for me. I feel your prayers and am thankful for them. Oh, and yesterday was the first time I fasted for a full 24 hours and it wasn’t bad. There was only a period of time like 5 minutes long that I actually felt hungry, but we had steak for dinner last night and it was great. For lunch today we went to Subway. I got a foot long sandwich and a pizza. The other Elders didn’t think I could eat it all but I did and am proud of myself!

Keep up the good work in Alpine, Pleasant Grove, and Atlanta! I love you guys and am grateful for the roles you have played in my life. Love you guys!!

Elder Pope

P.S. One thing I want to leave you all with is a commitment. I want you all to pray every morning and night. The night one is easy but the morning one is pretty tough. I have come to find out that when I pray in the morning I have a much better day. Also, be reading your scriptures. I am in 2 Nephi 6 and am making progress slowly every morning trying to understand more about it! I love you guys!



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