Week 2 – Happy Arrival in CA

Today was a great day! I just arrived in Modesto, California and am already getting to know everyone here. It is super cool here but it is super flat! We are going proselyting tonight and I am really excited to teach the people this gospel!

It was really hard to say goodbye to my district and everyone in my zone but I am excited to move on. The MTC is super fun and the spirit is so strong there!! The food isn’t the best but it was so awesome to meet new friends that I can cherish forever.

I get a new companion tomorrow and receive my assignment. I am really excited but super nervous at the same time because it is something totally new! It still hasn’t really kicked in that I am on a mission but I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity. I just met with the mission president and he is like the coolest guy! President Palmer is so kind and has such a sweet and loving heart. I am so grateful I have this opportunity to serve the people of Modesto and to teach them about the this true church!

I just wanted to finish by letting everyone know that God loves each and everyone of you! I only have ten minutes today so it is a short one. I love all of you and am so grateful for the roles you have played in my life. I really appreciate the letters and packages from everyone! The church is true and I will teach it until I die! Next weeks email will be longer. Also, I am so grateful that the Broncos won! Now go beat the Panthers!

Love, Elder Pope!!

Pictures on a walk past the Provo temple, prior to leaving the MTC:



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