Week 1 – 1st Week in the MTC!!

It is amazing to think that I have been in the MTC for a week!  I am loving it here!  Not going to lie the food isn’t the best here but a great way to explain it is it’s edible. Haha.  My companions name is Elder Nathan Campbell.  He is from Prescott, Arizona.  He is a really cool person and has a great testimony.  Not going to lie but it is kind of weird having a person following you around all the time.  We are really getting along with each other great.  The first few days I was pretty sick with a cold and a sore throat so my companion and I were able to go to the doctor.  They told me to go to the pharmacy down the road and we were happy to go.  We were able to leave the MTC and walk down to the pharmacy, which was awesome.  I got the medicine and I feel a lot better!  It was really funny talking with the Doctor because I told her my stomach was kind of sick and she said to NOT eat the eggs.  The eggs are like rubber.  It was really funny.

Today we were able to go to the Provo Temple and do an Endowment session!  It was really neat to do it in a different temple with a bunch of missionaries.  I was also able to see Patrick Sucher while we were walking to the temple!  It was so great to talk to him and give him a big hug!  After we did our session, the other elders in our zone said they were going to eat in the cafeteria at the temple so they could get “real food!”  We decided to eat with them and it was the greatest meal it seems like in forever.  Last night here at the MTC they actually brought us Chick-fil-A which was a miracle.  It honestly tasted like heaven.

My companion and I have taught three different investigators and it has been great!  The first person is Jesse!  Jesse is a Catholic who is 18 (fake investigator who is our teacher).  We have taught him the first two lessons and we tried committing him to be baptized but he wasn’t sure about it so we asked him to pray about it and we will talk to him tomorrow!  Our second investigator (another teacher) is Halee.  She grew up Mormon but fell away from the church when she was 10 and hasn’t gone back ever since.  It is pretty hard to teach her because she is not very cooperative.  We finally got her to kneel with us to pray and we are hoping next time we will get her to pray and maybe commit her to be baptized.  Our third investigator is Lance.  We talk to Lance over Skype.  He isn’t a religious guy but wants to keep his options open.  We talked about the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon.  He is part of our TRC prep.  60 percent are member and 40 percent of them aren’t so we don’t know if he is a member or not.  Our lesson went really well and he is a huge Boston Red Sox fan and lets just say we talked forever.  My companion kind of got sick of it because him and I went off about the Red Sox and it was super funny.  One of the key things to getting someone baptized it to get to know them.  He really loved talking and I hope next lesson we can commit him to be baptized.  I really love teaching the true Gospel of this world.

It is crazy to think that this time next week I will be in California!! I am so excited to get to California.  I am super excited to get out of the MTC but super sad to leave everyone.  Our zone is the coolest.  It is also super funny too because all the elders in the other zone love me the best.  They tell me and it makes me really happy and makes me laugh.  They are leaving tomorrow for their missions which makes me super sad but we are getting 20 new missionaries in our zone.  Oh yeah, and I was called to be the District Leader of our district here!  It is super cool to be the leader of the District!

I am excited to get to California!  I love you all!! Keep me and all the other missionaries in your prayers for health and strength!!  Keep going to church and doing the things you are supposed to be doing.  I know this is where my Heavenly Father wants me and I am grateful to serve Him!!

Love, Elder Pope!!



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  1. You are awesome Elder Pope! Look forward to the experience of a lifetime … You will forever be glad you served the Lord. Our thoughts and prayers go with you and admit we are a little jealous. We loved serving with the Elders.


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